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Mike Pape
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Mike Pape for Congress
Kentucky's 1st Congressional District

Welcome to the home of Mike Pape for Congress. Mike Pape is the conservative in Kentucky's First Congressional District running against the establishment in the May 17 Republican Primary.

Mike Pape is a constitutional conservative who will stand up for you against the establishment and special interests.

Mike is strongly pro-life, and he is a tireless advocate for the Second Amendment and your gun rights.

Mike Pape has been the leader on the issue of illegal immigration and border security since the earliest days of this election. After the Paris attacks last year, Mike Pape stood up, calling on members of Congress to acknowledge that border security is a matter of national security. Open borders policies put us at risk.

Mike won't back down in the fight to repeal Obamacare and stop the EPA from destroying coal jobs that the economy in our district needs.

On May 17, vote for someone who will stand up for you. Vote for Mike Pape!

mike pape

"Together we can fight to bring tough, common sense conservative Kentucky values to Washington and fight for a brighter future where our children are safe from terrorists."

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Stop Illegal Immigration
Illegal immigration and border security threaten our national security.
Repeal Obamacare
Obamacare has been a disaster. It isn't affordable, and I will make sure you have insurance you can afford.
The Letter from Reagan
Read the letter from Ronald Reagan that inspired Mike Pape a lifetime of serving others.

I promise to stand up for you against the Establishment and special interests. We can win if we work together, and I ask for your vote.

Mike Pape, Conservative candidate for Kentucky's 1st Congressional District

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